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Dear Colleagues:
On behalf of the Utah Trauma Network members, we welcome you to Utah's Twelfth Annual Utah Trauma Network 2015. This annual symposium will be held September 09, 2015 at the University Guest House and Conference Center at the University of Utah.

The Utah Trauma Network 2015 (UTN ‘15) is the premier event sponsored by the six Level 1 & 2 trauma centers in Utah, and the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services. The purpose of the conference is to educate trauma care providers on the recent advances in trauma care. The UTN ’15 will be made up of multiple general sessions as well as daily rapid-fire sessions. The twelfth annual conference features an extensive group of speakers who are considered experts in the delivery of trauma care.

The conference includes breaks and lunch.  Sponsors and vendors will be available to demonstrate the latest ideas in trauma care.

Please take the time to browse our web site. Those of you who love trauma won’t want to miss this excellent educational event.

Click HERE for the Brochure
Janet Cortez, MS, RN University of Utah  
Robert Jex, RN, MHA, FACHE Bureau of EMS  
Kris Hansen, RN, BS Primary Children's Medical Center  
Zachery Robinson, MPA, EMT-P
University of Utah  
Deanna Wolfe, RN, BSN Ogden Regional Medical Center  
Karlene Marshall, RN Ogden Regional Medical Center  
Shawn Nalder, RN, BSN McKay Dee Hospital  
Jean Lundquist, RN, BSN Utah Valley Regional Medical Center