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Online Registration Services

Conference & Event Management handles all details of registration for 50 to 5000 registrants. Registration forms can be received by mail, telephone, fax email, or via the Internet.

  • Creation and maintenance of Internet registration forms
  • Custom designed databases
  • Receipt of fees
  • Confirmation letters
  • Invoice participants
  • Handouts preparation
  • Nametags
  • On-site registration
  • Registration statistics and reports

Registration Services are available as a registration-only service or as part of a full-service contracts.

Speaker and Presenter Management

Detailed communication with speakers is essential. We will:

  • Invite speakers
  • Issue call for papers
  • Coordinate travel and lodging
  • Purchase speaker gifts
  • Process honoraria payments
  • Prepare program materials and abstract books

Budgeting & Accounting

Conference and Event Management develops and monitors program budgets using an integrated budgeting, accounting and forecasting system. The budget is monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure expenses stay within agreed-upon amounts. Accounting statements are prepared for evaluation throughout the program planning stage and upon program completion. We:

  • Create budget
  • Purchase services and goods
  • Approve payment of invoices
  • Process and record expenses
  • Receive sponsorship money
  • Compile accounting summary
  • Maintain account records

Non-registration funding sources may be available for a meeting. If so, Conference and Event Management can work with grants and contracts, private industry, foundations, and non-profit organizations.

Facility Coordination

A large portion of any conference is coordination all the events that take place at the meeting venue. Pre-conference planning, on-site management, and post-conference closing are vital to the programmatic and financial success of the meeting.

  • Solicit bids for the site selection process
  • Negotiate contract
  • Act as liaison with site and sponsor
  • Provide master schedules and staging guides
  • Arrange lodging accommodations for participants and VIPs
  • Determine meal plan compatible with budget
  • Organize audio-visual requirements and technicians
  • Manage poster session and/or exhibitor sessions

Large or small, Conference and Event Management has organized hundreds of meetings in over 30 cities in the United States and Canada.

Conference & Event Management manages the unique needs of each conference by creating a comprehensive schedule. We consider regular communication with the conference sponsor and members of the planning committee essential to keep everyone updated about each facet of the conference.

Vendor Management

The Conference and Event Management solicits bids and negotiates contracts for all goods and services. These may include:

  • Printing and photocopying
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Promotional pieces
  • Air and ground transportation
  • Exposition companies
  • Music and entertainment
  • Tours

Marketing & Promotion

Conference & Event Management coordinates promotion with marketing and communication services. Successful promotion may include the following:

  • Create marketing plan
  • Coordinate brochure copy and design
  • Write and organize brochure text
  • Distribute press releases and ads
  • Coordinate public relations functions


Last Updated: 8/19/21